About Us



King Island started over 50 years ago in humble beginnings. A husband & wife began trading Thai coconuts along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. The couple rowed along the river selling their coconuts to support their family.

The business flourished as people loved the sweet creaminess in the southern Thai coconuts. The Theppadungporn family began to build a reputation not only for their fine coconuts but for their passion, honesty and integrity.


As the business grew the Theppadungporn family started to diversify & began specializing in the dwarf coconut trees which produce the perfect fruit for coconut water. The coconuts from dwarf trees are softer and have a tender texture of coconut meat. The water inside is slightly sweet with a tropical aroma.

The local people have been enjoying coconut water all their lives, however recently when the health benefits of coconut water were discovered the King Island brand was created so that people all over the world could enjoy coconut water.

King Island is one of the only brands that comes straight out of the coconut & into the tetra pack. Many others are put into drums and stored.


The parent company Ampol Foods, which was started by the Theppadungporn family is considered as the leader in food and drink product innovation with high-technology management and social and environmental responsibility. Today King Island is readily available in shops across Canada.